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Install Android File Transfer in debian 9

Hello today I teach you how to install Android file transfer for linux in debian 9, it is a tool to transfer files, photos, etc.  to our pc ...

New attack method in Wi-Fi networks WPA / WPA2 PSK using PMKID

The developer Jens "atom" Steube, of the  HashCat  cracking  application  ,   has found a new vulnerability in the wireless networ...

mimikatz: hacking tool for windows

Mimikatz    (mimi katz) became an extremely effective attack tool against Windows clients, allowing to recover secure passwords, as well as ...

Found 'GandCrab' Ransomware on CracksNow source of Torrents uploads

The torrent sites are banning CracksNow, which is a popular source of torrent uploads, after discovering that the cracker and keygens l...

Routing Windows traffic through the TOR network

Tallow is a small program that redirects all outgoing traffic from a Windows machine through the Tor anonymity network.  Any traffic th...

The 10 best security tools of 2019 for pentest

As in recent years  ToolsWatch  , a website to keep the arsenal of security and hacking tools updated, has published the top 10 of the most...