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    GitMiner is a complicated search tool for automation in Github, it allows mining Github for helpful or potentially dangerous data or as an example specific vulnerable or helpful WordPress files.

    This tool aims to facilitate mining the code or snippets on Github through the site’s search page.

    What is Mining Github?

    GitHub may be a web-based unpleasant person or version management repository and web hosting service. it's principally used for code. It offers all of the distributed version management and ASCII text file management (SCM) practicality of unpleasant person still as adding its own options. It provides access management and a number of other collaboration options like bug pursuit, feature requests, task management, and wikis for each projectFrom Wiki.
    Mining Github relates to the act of scouring Github victimization the general public computer program for sensitive or helpful data in code, commit messages etc supported sure search patterns (which will embody file sorts, target file structures like wp-config.php and languages used).

    It’s a decent apply for associate degree organisation to go looking its own Github repositories if any of them square measure public to make sure they aren’t unseaworthy something sensitive.


    $ git clone http://github.com/UnkL4b/GitMiner $ cd GitMiner ~/GitMiner $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

    $ git clone http://github.com/UnkL4b/GitMiner$ cd GitMiner$ docker build -t gitminer .$ docker run -it gitminer -h   


    Searching for joomla configuration files with passwords:

    $:> python3 gitminer-v2.0.py --query 'filename:configuration extension:php "public password" in:file' -m joomla -c pAAAhPOma9jEsXyLWZ-16RTTsGI8wDawbNs4

    You can download GitMiner to mine Github here: GitMiner-master.zip