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    Hello today I teach you how to install Android file transfer for linux in debian 9, it is a tool to transfer files, photos, etc. to our pc or vice versa.

    Open the terminal or bash, install as root or sudo:
    apt-get install build-essential cmake libqt4-dev ninja-build libfuse-dev libreadline-dev
    We hope you install the bookstores ...
    In another terminal or bash as a user we download from https://github.com/whoozle/android-file-transfer-linux the tool for this we must have git installed.
    git clone https://github.com/whoozle/android-file-transfer-linux
    Once the repository is cloned, we open the directory in the downloaded route.
    cd android-file-transfer-linux

    We have compiled ...
    cmake install.cmake
    Or we can also create a small scritp with privileges that makes it easier for us to open the tool from any part of the terminal:

    To create this script we open the terminal as root and place:

    cd /usr/local/bin

    We created a directory with name android-file-transfer
    nano android-file-transfer

    We put our script inside that directory ...
    echo Abriendo el IDE de android-file-transfer-linux
    cd /home/jesseshl/android-file-transfer-linux/qt/
    Briefly explain this script which you can change, in the path cd / home / jesseshl / android-file-transfer-linux / qt / I'm giving you order to open that directory you must change to the path that has the tool installed ""

    Then we give you privileges with:
    chmod +x android-file-transfer
    With this we can open the tool just by placing android-file-transfer from our terminal. You can also create a launcher in my case with xfce, adding a new element in the panel as we can see in the following image.