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    Android Apps for Penetration Testing

    Androwarn tool scans and detects harmful files in Android applications.

    Androl4b doing reverse engineering applications through the Default device is installed on the device to analyze applications.

    Mobile-Security-Framework MobSF This tool is used in the API analysis of open source applications and detect security vulnerabilities by.

    Vezir Project is an imaginary system penetration test and analysis software and malicious applications that are hacked phones.

    MARA Tool If you are interested in the field of reverse engineering this tool will do the job through your tasks.

    FSquaDRA this tool scans Android applications and detect malicious packets to the phone by reading the application algorithm.

    CFGScanDroid role of this tool is to examine (CFG) signatures for open source applications and are also detects malicious applications within devices.

    RiskInDroid Tool The role of this tool is to examine the powers of applications within the device and also to detect applications with sensitive powers that threaten the safety of devices.

    AndroTickler A java tool that helps to pentest Android apps faster, more easily and more efficiently. AndroTickler offers many features of information gathering, static and dynamic checks that cover most of the aspects of Android apps pentesting. It also offers several features that pentesters need during their pentesters.

    Android_Penetration_Testing_script This is a shell script for automating the android Penetration testing Process


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