What is a CTF

Capture The Flag (CTF in English) is a computer security competition that allows learning issues related to computer security in a fun way. These types of skills are usually of two types. The CTF of the jeopardy type have challenges that, when resolved, give us a secret text called a flag or flag . This flag is nothing more than a text under a specific format (in this case FLAG = { characters-that-are-changing }  ), and once found it will let us know that we solved the challenge. The junior CTF corresponds to this category.
A second type of CTF is called attack-defense. In it, each team must defend a server or a network with vulnerable services from the rest of the teams.

What is the junior CTF?

It is an annual computer security competition in the form of a CTF aimed at people who want to take their first steps in the area of ​​computer security in a playful way.

General CTF issues

Categories & Challenges

There are 6 possible categories: reverse engineering, forensics, web, SQL injection, cryptography and networks. The challenges are of increasing difficulty and the greater the difficulty of the exercise, the higher the score.


The challenges can be solved individually or by teams of up to 3 people.


Once a challenge has been resolved and the flag identified, this text should be entered on the platform where the challenges are downloaded and, if correct, the points will be automatically added to the team.

Flag format

The format of the flag of all challenges is FLAG = { characters-that-are-changing }  
they are 32 hexadecimal characters. 
The text-changing- always has 32 hexadecimal characters regardless of upper or lower case. An example FLAG would be: FLAG = {0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef}


1st prize tickets to the Ekoparty and Kit Raspberry  Pi.
2nd prize tickets to the Ekoparty and Arduino Kit.
 3rd prize tickets to the Ekoparty.
If a winning team has 3 members, each of them will take the indicated prize.


  • Bring computer.
  • We recommend that you have Virtualbox installed or the possibility of booting from a USB the image of Kali Linux .
  • Be physically present at OLX Argentina to participate (Miñones 2177, CABA, Argentina).
  • No previous knowledge in computer security is necessary. It will be useful to have general computer knowledge such as Linux environment management and basic programming.
  • Not work or have worked in the area of ​​computer security or have previously participated in a CTF, given the introductory nature of the event (except for the previous editions of the CTF Junior).
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