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    There are several different components and products in the name of which is the word "Tor". To clearly understand what we're talking about, let's start by defining the terms.
    Tor is a program that you can run on your computer to connect to the Tor network.

    The Tor network is a multitude of volunteer computers that process web site requests and redirect the response to the Tor user.

    The Tor browser is a complex of programs whose main components are: Tor + Firefox browser + plugins and settings to increase the level of anonymity.

    What is Tor used for?

    Tor can be used for various purposes:

    • data encryption so that it cannot be analyzed by an Internet service provider or by unauthorized persons on your local network or when using open networks (example of the “ Intercept and analyze traffic in open Wi-Fi ” attack ).
    • hiding your IP address from the final website
    • access blocked websites in your area


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